Harvey Windows + Doors Air Infiltration Explainer Video

Created with Maya and After Effects, this video explains, in detail, how Harvey's window products are more efficient than other window brands. From this video, customers will learn how Harvey's products can save them money and keep rooms comfortable. 

This is my biggest project to date. Harvey needed a video that would explain their product in a way customers could understand. Of course, a video like this needed some stunning visuals to go along with what was being said. For this project, I storyboarded a few ideas with Harvey until we settled on a solid idea. Then, using premade assets, I produced several animated scenes that visually explained what the narrator was talking about. For this project, I animated one character, several props, and other special effects. A project like this also needed solid lighting that was believable and matched the tones we were trying to set, i.e. a cold room being darker and a warm room being brighter. I improved my knowledge of lighting and used it to create a visually appealing rendering of each room. In addition to lighting and animation, I was also in charge of adding special effects, like snowfall, fluid cube shapes, and the air infiltration effect. 

This was a very rewarding experience because I got to focus on other aspects of a project instead of just animation. I learned so much more about lighting and rendering and how to work with particle effects in Maya. I also learned some special tricks with creating visual effects in After Effects. Overall, this was a very successful project that sharpened my skills while teaching me new ones.


Mystic Aquarium's Learning Game

Developed by ARSOME Technology, Mystic's Animal Heroes is a fun, interactive program for kids ages 6-11. The program brings nature and science to life with immersive learning, activities, conservation challenges, and outdoor explorations. With new adventures each month, kids will learn while having fun.

For this project, I was the 3D animator for the AR app working in collaboration with ARSOME Technology. This was very different for me because my animation work had mostly been with humans and quadrupedal creatures. During this project, I got the chance to study how certain sea creatures moved, like sharks and whales. Studying these movements really helped me understand overlap and follow through with certain movements. I also learned more about timing, spacing, and arcs to get the motions looking more believable. 

This project also allowed me to try out some new workflows. While making these animations, I followed a certain order of stages to go through. Starting with the Blocking Stage, I laid out all of the key poses for my animation. In Blocking Plus, I started filling out some major in-between poses and adding drag to my movements. The Refinement Stage was where the animation really came together when I added in more in-between poses, rounded out some arcs, and adjusted the timing of certain moves. Finally, the Polish Stage was where the animation finally looked its best after adding in some finishing touches.


Overall, I really enjoyed this project and valued the lessons I learned from it! 

If you'd like to see some of these finished animations, click the button below!


Animal Sounds Learning Game

Developed by Goodymash, Goody Animal Sounds makes it fun for kids to learn animal sounds. Kids can simply click the animal to hear the sound or they can click on one of the Goody kids for some dancing fun!

This was my first published title on the app store. I was very excited to work with Goodymash on this project because I got to animate so many different characters. It was my first time animating animal characters, but I was up for the challenge. I really got to study how different animals behave and move in their natural environments. I really enjoy applying that knowledge, as well as a fun twist, to these animal characters. Animating the kids was a lot of fun too. This paved the way toward learning more about how humans move and helped me understand timing and adding appeal to my animations. 

This was also the first project I did where I was in charge of almost everything art-related. Not only was I in charge of animating, but I also modeled, textured, and rigged all of the characters you see in the video above. I also made a few environmental assets, mainly the barn in the first area and the fence in the last area. Additionally, I was in charge of scene layout for all of the areas and UI elements. 


Balloon Popping Learning Game

Developed by Goodymash, Goody Balloon Pop is a fun and easy to play balloon popping game for young children 18 months and up. Children can learn alphabets, numbers, and colors while enjoying beautiful animations, lots of different balloons, cheerful music, and dancing!

This was another project I worked on with Goodymash. This one was different from Goody Animal Sounds in the sense that I wasn't really animating people or animals. In this app, I animated the sun, the moon, and the balloons. I really enjoyed this one because I had full creative control of animating the sun and moon. If you think about it, there's no "right" way to animate the sun spinning or the moon sleeping. I got to use my imagination and make something that I thought would look right in a kids' game. Needless to say, I think I captured the sun and moon's personalities quite well.

This was another app where I was in charge of most of the art assets. I modeled, textured, and rigged the balloons, sun, and moon. I also modeled the clouds that the kids were floating on. 

Overall, this was another rewarding experience. I grew even more as an animator and got my second title published on the app store.

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