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Harvey's Explainer Video 

Before and After

Harvey's Explainer Video - Before and After

Harvey's Explainer Video - Before and After

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The videos above how certain things changed throughout the project.

Scene 1

Several things changed from what was planned originally. The biggest difference was the cubes coming in through the window. Before, we wanted a particle emitter to fire some cube objects into the room. To make it more appealing and give the cubes some squash and stretch, we used fluid objects instead. We also had the cubes combine and make themselves bigger as they entered the room. This gave us more control to get what we wanted. 


Scene 3

This scene was altered a lot from the original. The first thing to note is the particles. Originally, we were going to have the particles fly around and combine into one giant cube that occupied the whole room. This was quickly scrapped once we saw how crazy it was. Instead, we just had a few fluid shapes float around and disappear after the heat particles came into the scene. Also important to note the character. Before, she was just going to get up from the couch and start shivering. To give her some more personality, I added a take where she tried to warm up her hands before shivering.


Renders - Before and After