Animal Heroes Animations



This project was very rewarding because it allowed me to try out some new workflows. While making these animations, I followed a certain order of stages to go through. Starting with the Blocking Stage, I laid out all of the key poses for my animation. In Blocking Plus, I started filling out some major in-between poses and adding drag to my movements. The Refinement Stage was where the animation really came together when I added in more in-between poses, rounded out some arcs, and adjusted the timing of certain moves. Finally, the Polish Stage was where the animation finally looked its best after adding in some finishing touches.


This project really tested my skills in creating follow-through and overlapping actions, especially with the shark and whale. It was a challenge making their fins move in a believable motion, but I pulled it off. I also had the chance to work on the timing and spacing of my animations. This was challenging in certain animations where I had to give the animals some personality. The penguin is a good example, especially with its flapping and looking around animations. The timing and spacing on some of those movements were tight, but I managed.


This was very different for me because my animation work had mostly been with humans and quadrupedal creatures. Even though it was a challenge, it was also fun seeing these characters come to life with appealing animations. This was definitely one of my most favorite projects to date.

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